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Making Sense of the Chaos in Your World

$115Purchase required to enroll
This workshop, based on the Myers Briggs personality assessment will cover the following in 2.5 hours. It will help you develop greater self awareness and awareness of others. You will be able to idenfity ways to use personality differences constructively to improve relationships and reduce stress. Upon registration you will receive a link with instructions on how to do your assessment. This assessment takes approximately 40 minutes and needs to be completed two weeks prior to the workshop. The day of the workshop you will receive a detailed assessment that will enlighten you and that you will use as the basis for the workshop.

You will leave with increased knowledge, an in-depth,Myers Briggs Step II report with a description of your personality preferences and tools to help understand ways that people differ from one another. If you have previously taken a Myers Briggs assesment, it needs to have been within the last 2 years and it will need to have been the in depth Step II. Additionally some of the questions you answered in the past may have changed if the evironment you are in has changed.
Cancellation policy

There is a cancellation fee of $65 for this workshop. If you have completed you assessment prior to cancelling you may separately schedule a private appointment with Nora to receive your results.

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